St. Pauls Islands

Dive Site Location
reef offshore St. Pauls Islands

This fabulously vibrant reef dive is accessible only via boat, and is perfect for beginners or those who are looking for a relaxing and leisurely dive. With plenty of marine life just waiting be to discovered, those who love to watch a variety of underwater creatures will not be disappointed whilst diving on this reef.

Take an enjoyable 10-minute ride on one of our fast custom built boats, feeling the breeze in your hair and the sun on your skin as we cross the glass like water to the entry point of this reef and let the curiosity and excitement of what you might discover take over. Kit up and enter the crystal clear water where you can descend down the anchor line onto the reef below.

Immediately you will be met by schools of fish darting through the water, moving in their shoals in perfect unison. Notice the silvery scales of silver bream glinting in the sunlight, and the beautiful colours of the parrot fish that inhabit this lively reef.

As you swim along the reef wall there is plenty more to be discovered. You can spot several nudibranch (vibrantly coloured molluscs) which cling to the rock, beady eyed moray eels lurking in the cracks or even the beautiful yellow and purple coloured egg fried jelly fish, made even more attractive by the fact that they do not sting.

You can stay to explore as long as your air permits and at the end of your dive you can complete your safety stop using the anchor line of the boat, where the fish will continue to surround you until the very second you surface from this exciting dive.

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