Outer Cominotto Reef

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Breams at Outer Cominotto reef

The famous Blue Lagoon situated on the tiny island of Comino is a very popular site for both tourists and locals during the summer months, the main attraction being the crystal clear, warm water which makes for perfect swimming. If you want to experience the wonder of these stunning waters but keep away from the busy tourist spots, then jump on to one of our custom-built boats where we will show you the real secrets of the coast line of Comino Island.

The 10-minute boat ride crosses the channel between Malta and Comino, where we will anchor along the rocky north-west coast directly above a beautiful, untouched reef. The waters surrounding Comino are some of the clearest in the Mediterranean, before you enter the water be sure to take a look over the edge of the boat, where the water is so clear you can already get a glimpse of the wonders you are going to discover once you drop below the surface.

The reef wall you will be exploring is a vertical wall which drops down to a depth of 42 meters, where it hits the white sandy bottom of the sea bed. There will also be time to explore the huge boulders, which sea urchins, brightly coloured sponges, nudibranch and various other forms of sea life inhabit. On the way down to the boulders you will find an old four-pointed anchor, a great place for a photograph!

If you are nitrox certified then this is a perfect dive to do on Nitorx 32% or 28%.

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