MV Cominoland

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the diver is approaching Cominoland wreck underwater

Originally a WWII Royal Navy minelayer, the MV Cominoland spent her later years operating as a passenger ship engaging in day trips around Comino or harbour cruises in the Valletta Grand Harbour, under Captain Morgan Cruises. In 2006 along with the MV Karwella the Cominoland was scuttled in Xatt L-Ahmar in southeast Gozo, in order to produce a further artificial reef and scuba diving attraction. However, unlike the MV Xlendi which was scuttled there 7 years prior, she and the Karwella both sit perfectly upright on the sandy seabed. While best enjoyed as a boat dive, the Cominoland is also easily accessible from shore, and is located approximately 60 metres from the MV Karwella and as such can be combined into one dive for more advanced divers. While slightly smaller than the Karwella, at only 35m in length, the wreck still provides many opportunities for potential exploration of its two decks. She is totally safe for penetration and like so many wrecks has had all openings expanded and extra openings added prior to scuttling. At a maximum depth of 42 metres, with the decks at 35 and 32 metres, the minimum required certification is Deep Diver with experience in wreck diving strongly suggested.

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