Lantern Point

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Moray eel

Comino island dive sites

Lantern Point is a spectacular boat dive off the south coast of the tiny island of Comino. It is the perfect dive site for any level of diver, with depths ranging from 6-50metres. For those who are less confident, you can enjoy a leisurely dive along the reef, observing the marine life along the way. For those who are more adventurous, there are plenty of swim throughs and even a chimney to go and explore.

After dropping down directly below the boat you are met by the dramatic entrance to an L-shaped chimney, where you can descend into the darkness to a depth of 18m before swimming along a wide and roomy tunnel at the bottom to find yourself emerging out onto a beautiful sunlight reef.

Below the exit of the tunnel you will find huge boulders and a dramatic reef wall, not only creating a home for a variety of sea creatures, but also forming many natural caverns and swim-throughs just waiting to be discovered.

This dive site is positively teaming with marine life, if you look carefully you can see moray eels hidden in the cracks of the rocks, octopus milling on the sandy bottom and brightly coloured nudibranch clinging to the coral.

If you are a certified Nitrox diver, this is the perfect dive to do on 32% or 28%, to ensure you get the time to explore all the hidden gems this reef has to offer.

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