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underwater videographer filming on the Hellespont wreck

Having started life 112 years ago in Ireland the 46 metres long HMS Hellespont was a former Paddle steamer, which has been in Malta since its emigration in 1922, where it likely operated as a tug boat in the Valletta Harbour. Unfortunately during WWII, the HMS Hellespont was damaged by an air raid carried out by Italian Aircraft, in April 1942, where she lost the first 15 metres of her bow section, which is as of this day yet to be recovered. Following the war using Camels on ships, the Hellespont was moved two miles out of the grand harbour and scuttled. Later rediscovered by a diver in 1999, the historic HMS Hellespont is now open to divers looking to explore and experience a piece of history. Lying upright at 41 metres two miles out of the harbour this is a boat dive where minimum certification of Deep diver is required. However, due to the strong currents often present around the wreck it is best enjoyed by highly experienced divers.

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