Alex's Cave

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Situated off the paradise island of Comino, Alex Cave can only be accessed via boat and boasts to be a fascinating dive showcasing a hidden cave which is only accessible to scuba divers.

After a gradual descent of 20 metres along a vibrant reef with many archways and swim-throughs to enjoy along the way you will meet the mouth of the ‘L’ shaped tunnel leading towards the cave. Carved out by wave action, the walls of the tunnel are smooth leaving you plenty of room to make your way along the sandy bottom before making you ascent up the chimney to surface in this captivating cavern.

Up to 5 divers can surface inside the cave at any given time, taking in the magic of this intriguing dive site. Many divers marvel at the beams of natural sun light and fresh air, streaming through tiny cracks in the rock, a beautiful and unique characteristic of this interesting dive.

For those who like to look a little closer, lots of hidden sea life can be found in the nooks and crannies of the rock, most commonly spotted is the lobster who are known to reside in the gloomy corners. As this dive can get a little dark at times, it is advisable to take a torch to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

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